Designing An Inner Mentor

“The mind is a fertile place, but that’s not enough for it to produce high-quality plants. Other things must be added & that must be an ongoing process”…..Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Peaking in on a recent workshop conversation with Katya….

I don’t like to change & change is very difficult for me, so please tell me, “How long do I have to do all of these things & do I have to do all of them at once?” At the most, I could possibly change one thing, but not two & they will have to be in the same area of my life. Like, I can’t change something about my eating & then also change something else at the same time. For example, I might be able to change what I eat for breakfast, but I couldn’t start exercising at the same time. Or, I might be able to start caring for my bitten nails, but I wouldn’t be able to organize my daily activities in that same week. All I can say is that I certainly wouldn’t be able to manage all of the things you talk about & write about, so what are the chances that I’ll be successful? 


It is quite a shock to wake up & to find out how many things need to be changed in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter if it is food-related or in other areas, there is usually never just one thing that needs attention. In the above conversation, it’s obvious that Katya is truly frightened & I can bet that this is not the first time she has had this conversation. Even if she hasn’t had it with others, more than likely it plays regularly in her mind, keeping her blocked, stagnant in her problems, while success flows away out of her reach. I say this because her conversation is quite orchestrated, each excuse following the other in an organized fashion.

Katya has sold herself this entire list of garbage. She thinks in negatives & in excuses & so this is what she attracts. She perceives herself as a very limited individual, a victim of the world-stage & this is what she has become. Her words form images of failure & she knows without being told that success is not within her reach….. not if she thinks & verbalizes like this.


It is very dangerous to walk around having conversations like Katya’s. Even though she may think that she is talking about food-related issues, her subconscious mind is connecting all of her liabilities to every area of her life. She is literally digging a very deep hole that can keep her captive forever unless something or someone comes to her rescue.

Katya is on automatic pilot & truly not aware of what she is doing to herself. She is also under the very wrong assumption that she has unlimited time to make important changes. She has no awareness that her body is changing in every moment & the decisions she is making or not making are causing change. Killer diseases, such as heart & circulatory disease, are examples of diseases that are built by bad decisions made over a period of time.

Katya lives a stressful life & accumulated stress is a known killer. So, for Katya, there is no time to waste.


We all have a Higher Self. This is not the same as a Higher Power, but the two can be thought of as working together. Some people are not comfortable with Higher Power discussions & that is fine. However, we do need to accept that we have a Higher Self. This is our Self that is free of emotions, one that is mature & capable of high-level discipline & achievement. I often call this “our Therapeutic Self.”

Katya maintains that she is completely “incapable” of making the changes needed to take care of herself. This is an infantile position & one that will take her down very dangerous roads. For Katya & those like her, it’s necessary to build or create a Higher Self & then to allow that creation to take control of her life actions. This is done both consciously & subconsciously. Katya will become the new mentor image in her own mind.

I ask her to make a list of the characteristics of someone who is capable of running a healthy & creative life. I do not ask her to make a list of what she wants for herself. To do so would invite blocking. Her insecure & victim Self would not be willing to open to such a suggestion.

Katya has little trouble describing others who she admires & with some guidance, she makes a list of some characteristics.

1. Confident
2. Compassionate & forgiving
3. Consistent & persistent
4. Focused & disciplined
5. Cheerful inside & out
6. Forthright, trusting & loyal
7. Assertive
8. Honest to self & others
9. Peaceful
10. Creative

I ask Katya to relax deeply & I help her to deepen further. I want her to be below the alpha state, just like the level of relaxing before going to sleep at night. Anxious & tense individuals can relax quite deeply when assisted with self-hypnosis suggestions. The mind & body do want to go to balance or homeostasis.

I bring Katya’s attention to her mind screen & ask her to image her new inner guide or mentor. Then I ask her to describe her to me & to tell me her name. Katya’s response is very quick….a good indication that she is deeply relaxed & involved in the imagery. “Her name is Johna.” This is a rather unusual name because it is both male & female. I then ask Katya to deliver the characteristics that she designed to “Johna.” They are to be delivered one at a time & Johna will absorb them, just like a marinade.

Katya is now ready to enter the mind screen to meet Johna & to establish a relationship with her.

I suggest to Katya that she notice the characteristics once again, also noticing that Johna has many others…… perhaps like other woman or even men that she knows. She has a strength of character, determination, perseverance, confidence, discipline, a sense of humor, creativity, focus….. of so many things. Kaya watches Johna as she walks around Katya’s life, taking care of things. Speaking out to others, relaxing as she does…. feeling great & sensing her inner power. Now, Johna invites Katya to step inside of her. And now, Katya walks around her own life inside of Johna….guiding her, making suggestions that are easily birthed from the characteristics. I ask Katya to feel or sense what it feels like to be inside of her.

I’ll place a trigger for this, such as two fingers touching. This will enable Katya to re-enter this mind-state of Johna whenever she consciously feels a need. However, the subconscious mind will be making changes without conscious input.