The Disbelieving Self

“We all have a part of us that doesn’t believe that we can do something. The job of that “disbelieving” part is to question positive images or ideas we might have & then to design “creative negative-proof” that we are incapable & so we remain stuck. And so, it’s time to pull the mask off of the disbelieving part.”…Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


A comment from a reader, “Oh yes, I love the image of the director chair that you have & I want one, BUT I need proof that I can have one.”

The “inner child” is alive & no, not well, but instead dis-functioning….raining on the parade. This is like window shopping & then when you want to go into the store to purchase something that you would truly love to have, you find yourself blocked at the gate.


It’s easy to know that this is the child-Self manipulating & making trouble at the door. The leader-Self would never utter these words. The leader-Self is mature, focused, quiet, powerful & very assertive. The leader-Self knows what he/she wants & plants the image of that in the “theater of the mind” as if it were already present because it is.

This is a KEY CONCEPT, following how the mind works. There must be a leader & it cannot be the child-Self. To allow this is to invite all sorts of problems & interference. Life & choices do not have to be complicated. Return to simplicity…..”do you want this CHAIR? Well then….CLAIM IT AS YOURS.”

Many of us have spent lots of time window shopping & have stayed outside the store. Some of us have even stopped going to the window. We tell ourselves, “It’s of no use. I’ll never be able to solve my issues & to have the things  I want.” This is the “disbelieving Self” in action. Sometimes the messages are even more depressing, flowing into other areas of life including work & relationships. So you can understand why it is so important to move to the leadership position of the Self & to take charge.

“Just the idea of this makes my knees shake.”


Take some quiet time for yourSelf & relax into the moment. The deeper you choose to relax, the better for you. Not only will your knees stop shaking, but you will begin to feel your own confidence pooling inside of you. Perhaps you are wondering if you have confidence & of course, you do. You started building confidence as a young baby & your collection of confidence moments have built over the years you have been alive. You not only built confidence from things that were easy for you, but you also found it in very difficult moments. This is “resilience confidence” & is very powerful. Travel on your time-line & find samples to bring back.

As a baby, you learned to turn over, to hold up your head, to sit, to stand, to put things in your mouth & a whole host of other things. As a toddler, you found confidence in new things every single day. Going forward, look to your pre-school era & up through your elementary school. No, everything wasn’t easy & that’s the point. You survived. You learned. You traveled forward. Junior high, high school, early adulthood & right up to where you are now in this very moment. Take your time & fill your basket with samples from these years. Now, notice how your basket fills up. These are your accomplishments, both big & small; some harder & more resilient than others.

Now, relax deeply as you hold your confidence. Look to the mindscreen & find the store window. Notice you are window-shopping & now you are entering the store. Standing tall & assertive….relaxed & quiet in your assertiveness. Listening….I AM. This is your self-esteem talking to you. You are a person of value. This is your Self-Efficacy….ownership of yourSelf. You are the leaderSelf & you make the choices & then the decisions. Sense this as you wander about the store. Truly sense or feel it inside of yourSelf. Notice the childSelf is observing & admiring you; pleased to be a child & without the responsibilities of being the leaderSelf. Now, you have this straight.

In the corner of the store is your Director Chair. Make the purchase….& take the chair out with you. Listen…..non-sense to proof. You wanted it & now you have it. You are in charge. Truly sense it in your body……& now in your mind.


Hypnosis is a natural activity of the mind & body. It can be very healthy if one is entertaining positive, healthy images while inviting the body to relax deeply. The brain waves are slowed, the stress chemicals are diminished & the subconscious mind is ready to accept suggestions.

In the practice of my original Interactive Self-Hypnosis, the individual, even the reader, relaxes very deeply & then the suggestions are either verbalized or written. The subconscious mind accepts the suggestions, especially if they are coated in a marinade of highly positive emotion. The emotion can be delivered through spoken or written words. I like to take the individual into the action “right in the moment” & to teach them how to change mindsets to suit the purpose of their chosen journey.

In the small practice above, the reader is disarming the disbelieving child-Self & taking back the power of leader-Self. While this sounds like a simple little story, it is evoking big changes in the memory bank, re-framing areas for enhanced self-image, self-esteem, self-efficacy & self-confidence. The individual is now looking through different lenses & seeing/sensing what is possible. In addtion, action is made without any fuss or efforting. This is the way it is supposed to be.

We live in the world surrounded by nay-sayers & other kinds of negative energy, much of it under our same roof or hat. We have the power to change this in the wink of an eye. Remember, the subconscious mind will accept whatever is delivered in the state of slow brain waves, as long as it is presented with emotional marindade. Make certain that yours is always of the positive variety. If not, you may get to taste something that you don’t want !