Thought Games

“Asking questions is a healthy activity & one should spend a good part of the day asking them. However, be sure to stay tuned in for the answers.”...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

We tend not to recognize how many times we ask questions to ourselves during our waking hours. If you practice tuning into your own thought processes, you will hear them. Sometimes it’s almost laughable. I asked participants in a graduate seminar to write down some questions they remembered asking themselves on the way over to the meeting.

“I wonder if I’ll be able to find this place. Should I turn here?”

” How will I be able to understand this material since I have no experience in the field of self-hypnosis? Will I come across as a jerk?”

“I wonder if she can read my mind.”

“Should I stop & go to the bathroom before arriving?”

“What should I do if I fall asleep during the hypnosis?

“Will I ever get my eating under control?”

While we’re all great at asking questions, few of us tend to pay attention to the answers that are delivered in response to them. In case you were wondering, these answers come from your powerful & creative subconscious mind.

Think about some of your own self-conversations, especially those containing questions & notice if you expect answers, or are you just rambling on auto-pilot. If you are listening for the answers, kudos to you. However, if you are not, why not plan on doing so. You will be pleasantly surprised.


I like to image the subconscious mind like a big library & that’s not too far from the truth. Everything you have ever experienced, be it a thought, a sound, a taste, a touch, an idea is stored here & it’s all in order. All one needs to do to access something is to “ask” the right questions, so now you see how important questions can be. The stored material in the mind can also be utilized in other ways. This is where creative thinking comes into play & once again, “asking” the right questions.

There is so much to learn & experience when working with the subconscious mind that it is actually mind-boggling. Because the material & research is so vast, I like to teach through imagery. I encourage questions from my students, clients, readers & listeners because this gives me a new opportunity to design yet another teaching image or metaphor.

Here are some questions I received over the past few weeks.

Q – I’ve been following your blog & I’m very interested in the area of release or letting go. Here’s my issue. If I release something, why does it reappear in my life? How can I  clear to my subconscious mind if I don’t want this any longer? Is there a special technique of suggestion for this?

Behavioral & thought patterns are usually pretty heavily etched in the subconscious mind & tend to present themselves on automatic pilot or when triggered by certain experiences or other connectors. When you practice releasing or letting go, you are actually interrupting these old patterns & then placing something new in their place. It stands to reason that it may take a bit of interrupting BEFORE you begin to see or experience a lessening. It is important to interrupt each & every time you become aware of the thought or behavior you do not want. This is how you tell the subconscious mind that you do not want it any longer.


Notice whatever it is that you do not want. Label or name it, just as if it belonged in its own file. This type of “isolation” assists the subconscious mind in knowing exactly what it is. Next, breathe from your center. This slows the brain waves & will allow you to place a suggestion on your mind screen OR to give a verbal cue to your subconscious mind. I like to utilize a positive image on the mind screen…..something that I want. Because this follows the labeling & the centering breath, the inner mind understands this as a replacement. It doesn’t matter if the two are unrelated. The subconscious mind cannot judge. It just understands that you want to replace one with the other.

Q – I’m a secret eater & wonder how long it takes to get something like this under control. I can’t imagine living without bingeing on junk & sweets. The stress in my life is huge & this is the only time I truly feel at peace. Is there any hope for me?

Eating issues, be they secret or not, are multi-faceted & so it can take a while to get all of the facets into some sort of management plan. Imagery, especially re-framing can truly help to move things along a bit faster. I’ll give you an exercise in a minute, but what you also need are techniques for releasing your stress in a healthy fashion. Right now you are only getting to that peaceful place through unhealthy bingeing & that can prove to be a big health risk. As for there being hope for you, of course there is. No one needs to accept being held hostage to their addictions.


Relax into the moment. If you have been following the blog you do know how to do this. Tilt your eyes up & locate your mind screen. Place an image of a house. Notice you can reach in & open the door, just like opening the door on a dollhouse. Peak in & pay attention to what is going on. There is the kitchen, stocked with healthy foods, a gymnasium with state of the art equipment, a spa for relaxing, areas for resting, reading, socializing & a garden for meditating. An image of you is participating in all of these areas. Simply follow yourSelf around, noticing how content & at peace you are…. it feels so good to have a healthy discipline. This is just a start for you….I’d like to suggest that you visit this area before going to sleep each night & find out more.

Q – I’m interested in managing my thoughts & emotions, especially fear. I have social anxiety that takes a toll on my career. I balk at conflict & find it difficult to speak up when I have a different opinion. What’s weird is that people don’t know this about me. They think I’m all together. What kind of imagery would help me?

Yes, you are living behind a mask & so your self-efficacy is low. You can begin to design the “you” that you prefer to be. Your subconscious mind will believe whatever you tell it, as long as you relax deeply & energize the desired “you” with hot desire & positive emotion.


Relax deeply into the moment. Locate your mind screen. Place an image of yourSelf there. Now invite in others who you admire. You don’t have to know them, but stay focused on the characteristic that they have that you want to be a part of you. Have them line up & then…… by one invite them to step inside you & leave their characteristic gift & then exit the other side of you. When all have passed through, notice yourself enjoying the inner gifts. Walk into different scenes in your life & experience these…. sense gratitude, peacefulness & perhaps most of all…….have fun.