Emotional Transactions

“Goals move forward & become self-generating when powered by consistent “Hot Desire”. Everyone has the ability to key into this remarkable emotional state….. & the daily practice of Interactive Self-Hypnosis will take you there”….Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

It’s common to hang out in our emotional state of choice. For some, this is can be more towards “neutral”, but for others, it can be a low or even moderate negative state. These include irritable, depressed, disinterested, bored, anxious, uptight or even belligerent. Lucky is the individual who wears a daily emotional coat of happy, peaceful, joyful, loving, pleased & the like. It’s much easier for the latter to climb up further, so as to experience the powerful, creative emotion of Hot Desire.


Living in the negative areas presents many challenges, not only within the Self, but with others as well. In addition, when one area of life is in disarray, the owner doesn’t have to look far to find another. Emotional disorder & stress go hand in hand, bringing imbalance to the mind & body & keeping one far away from the helpful & creative subconscious mind. Addictions become easy answers for managing the discomfort. Here’s an unhappy thought; we can grow to like the negatives, even to love them & like with other bad relationships, they can be all-consuming. It’s like being locked in a prison of sorts & hiding the key from yourSelf. However, we can choose to stop.

It’s imperative to be able to locate emotional states “in the moment”, in order to release them. And, they must be released before being able to change one’s emotional experience to positive & then to go up the ladder to Hot Desire. I call these “emotional transactions”; trading one for the other….hopefully transacting for one of higher value!


Relax into the moment & release your body stress. If you have been following the workshop blog, you know how to do this. If not, pretend magnets are pulling you down into the chair where you are resting. Here’s a dial that you can turn to the left, thereby increasing the magnet pull. Feel how good it feels to have the body experience the magnetism. Stay with this for a moment or so. Next, notice that a child is standing by your side & the child is wearing a teeshirt with his/her name on it. This is your emotional childSelf & the shirt states your presenting emotion. If the child is big, the emotion is most likely big as well.

Sometimes we have multiple emotions & so many children may be present. Aida, one of the workshop participants is noticing that “inadequate, tearful & uptight” are standing together. Cary sees that “hopeless & helpless” are holding hands. Gina senses “relaxed & focused”.

Negative-based emotions are heading for the light. It’s down the path over there. Image it. If you can’t bring an image into your mind, just think it. The emotions sit under the light & the rays fill their bodies. Black drops fall from their fingertips. The emotions become smaller. Sense or think all of this.

In this moment you are planting a subconscious mind program. Positive emotions are now coming to the light & filling, becoming bigger. Image or think about this happening. Practice with both genres of emotions, even if they aren’t yours. A positive subconscious mind program will be placed anyway.

Coming from behind the light is an image of a powerful, positive emotion. Read the teeshirt. This is “Hot Desire.” Hot Desire is carrying a book & presenting it to you. Sit down on the bench over there & place the book on your lap. Notice that your name is on the cover & that you are the author. The book is filled with “Hot Desire” experiences, some coming from your own mind library & others coming from things you have seen, or gifted from people you know who have had this genre of experience.

Open the book & locate a “Hot Desire” image. Each image tells a story. Listen, as the story is “remembered” to you. ( This is not a grammatical error….but a special way of playing with the inner mind.) This is a time when you felt a huge desire for something….. it’s BIG.  Sense it & when you have connected with the “sensing”, tap on the picture gently. As you tap the picture will open & you will now sense yourSelf in the middle of the Hot Desire experience. The pulse of the desire is over there. Touch it. Next, touch your heart. You are transferring the sensation to your major pump organ.  Sense it inside of you. If this seems odd to you, just play with it. This is a game of sorts, but your subconscious mind believes “everything” you are doing. You are busy capturing the emotional state of Hot Desire.

If you like, go through the book, becoming aware & then tapping open different Hot Desire experiences. It’s vital to sense them, so do take the time to do this. Each time, find the button & transfer the sensing to your heart. You can enter the experiences of others & make it your own. Think about others who you have known to have these experiences. For example, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Kwan….anyone you know or have heard about that truly, truly wanted something!! These desires are very hot & it is because of their high temperature/emotional programming content, that these individuals can ride through & stay motivated for long periods of time.

You now have these “rememberings” inside of yourSelf & I’d like you to take an image of something you truly want & hold it in the palm of your hand, just as if it were a living model. Next, touch your heart & then sprinkle the Hot Desire that is stored there right onto your working image & observe it “firing up.” This is an emotional transaction & one of great value.