Teacher in Residence

Fear is a huge blocking agent that needs to be addressed directly….in the moment & in a straightforward manner!….Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Pam has entered the theater & is waiting for direction. For now, she is the student. I speak to her through a self-hypnotic image of teacher-Self. Pam will come to know this image through my spoken words & then I will ask her to invite the image to enter herSELF, gently merging & then allowing her to play out her very own teacher-in-residence.

The teacher speaks from the stage of the theater.

Be still now…..in fact, become very still & connect with what it feels like to be so still. Self-power exists in stillness & so practicing the art of inner & outer stillness is a requirement for managing all aspects of life. The level to which you can become still, as well as your ability to do so quickly, will determine the quaility of your SELFwork.

Quiet assertiveness….this is the mindstate for managing not only your fearfulSELF, but for any & all emotional transactions, be they with yourSELF or with others. Remember that you are a walking billboard…..SELF advertising….what you present is what you will receive. Present fear & then receive fear. Present confidence & then receive confidence. Present “quiet assertiveness” & observe what happens.

The workshop group watches in the theater of their own minds, each mind presenting different images that will program their own minds in positive ways. It makes no difference that this is about Pam & her issues. Positive progression is something everyone can experience from either reading, speaking or thinking about another. Each group member has now determined their own inner teacher. We are continuous students, learning at every turn. The same happens with the written word or spokenWORD on CD or mp3.

Pam is asked to pay attention to the scene being acted out on the stage. In this scene she is involved in issues that lead to future scenes, including bingeing & purging. There are relationship issues, as well as financial worries. She is able to see/sense the progression of these. Her emotional childSELF is wearing a worry/fear teeshirt & it’s clear that neither of these work to change the issues. Something else is needed. Now, Pam is being given authority to change the scene, the script & anything else that she chooses. Her teacher gives suggestions & Pam gets to try out different avenues. As this occurs, the forward scenes automatically change as well. 

As the workshop group observes Pam’s experience in the theater, they are programming their own minds for positive change, as well as building new creative techniques. All are integrating the image of TeacherSELF. In the future, this image will present alternative ways to solve everyday issues, bringing the participants to a higher level of performance & SELFcare.