Who’s Dead…Who’s Not

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Do you ever wonder “why,” you said yes to some project?  Of course, I could just drop this whole thing, but there is a part of me that simply doesn’t allow it. “Start it….finish it.”

OK…Now I’m up to Day 12 on my writing challenge for NHBPM…National Health Blog Post Month. I feel like I’ve been writing for the entire month. I’m still trying to uncover my discontent with the project. It reminds me of certain courses I was obligated to take in school & the resistance that accompanied them. I’m well aware that it makes things harder when the attitude is shifted towards “negative.” In all honesty to NHBPM, it’s not just this project. I also have this same attitude towards other things. Perhaps I’ll make a list of them one day. I know I’m not alone in this quagmire.

OK…I’m settling down now.

Today’s Assignment – Call BS on something.  I find this subject ridiculous…

More than that, I’m finding it difficult to wrap my mind around this. I’ve been writing a good part of today & so my mind is still in those areas of focus. I’m doing NaNoWriMo, which means I’m re-writing my novel…The Snow Crocus. I’m deeply involved with my main character…Lily. I’ve re-written her character a few times now & I’m moving much closer to my own inner self.  I didn’t intend on this happening & even tried to avoid it, but that part of me & my experiences keep coming up on the page. Perhaps this is something that is just ridiculous.

I SHOULD LET HER SPEAK & LET HER BE HERSELF. Under the circumstances, it is just ridiculous to keep pushing her out & denying her the right to “spill the beans.” I’m not sure why I felt so strongly about not letting her “be.” Part of me didn’t want to go back & re-hash these parts of my life. Another part of me didn’t want to share this with my husband who is sure to read the book before I publish it. I don’t want him to read too much into Lily’s thinking & choices.

Lily is about to take her own life. Like me, she has lost her son. Like me, her life has been very difficult. She is grieving, but has come to the realization that her life is “flat.” Her relationships are flat. She has no purpose or desire to aspire to anything. As Lily explains it, “It’s time to write the last paragraph, place the period at the end of the sentence & end the story. This is what she writes in her journal on “her last day.”  Obviously, this is the juncture where Lily & I part ways.  I’m nothing like her, but I do “get her.” I know those feelings. I’ve lived them before in other circumstances.

While I never thought about ending my own life, I can understand wanting to do that. I have deep compassion & understanding for people who find themselves in deep, dark places. I’ve been down in those trenches, but there was always something that I was able to grab to pull myself up.  I know it is only a few short steps from that place to the final period that closes the book.

I think it is important for me to allow Lily to express these dark emotions. Not to do so is “ridiculous.” For me to have any fear or reservation around this is ridiculous. This is part of my creative process. So…to follow my assignment for today….IT IS BS NOT TO FOLLOW MY CREATIVE PROCESS & TO ATTEMPT TO DENY IT ACCESS TO THE STORY.

Lily is not unlike many women I know. As I mentioned, I do know parts of her intimately. She is a woman who has always worked to everyone’s pleasure. What’s interesting about Lily is that she doesn’t know that she hasn’t been happy because she hasn’t experienced TRUE JOY in her life. She simply doesn’t think deeply about things like that. She is too pre-occupied in daily tasks. And then, she suffers a major loss that literally “cracks her shell.” The true Lily comes seeping out of the cracks & for the first time she no longer cares about pleasing anyone….as her anger subsides, she finds herself in no-mans land, living among the dead…where her son now resides. As her husband Todd screams at her….”You might as well be dead Lily.” Little does Todd know that Lily has already considered this.”

Now that I have everyone depressed, do know that Lily is about to go on an incredible adventure through her mirror…guided by an angel she met early on in her life. The story is filled with angels who wander amongst us, watching & waiting for the right moment to take charge & bring new rainbows into lives without color.

So…I’m DONE WITH RIDICULOUS. I can hear my inner voice saying “angels in mirrors”? Oh, give me a break. Now if that isn’t RIDICULOUS, what is?

“Well, excuse me Inner Mind.”

Stop locking your “believability door”…and choose to BELIEVE. You may get a big surprise!

Inner Detective Work – Disorderly Eating

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Parents teach their kids lifestyle behavior patterns. Perhaps you, as a parent-leader, have failed many times at making lifestyle changes. There may be a part of you that doesn’t even want to read my books, articles or participate in mp3 sessions or workshops. It may be difficult for you to concentrate, or maybe you are overwhelmed with what you have to do. It may have been years since you felt well. I hear this every day and so you are not alone. This is all too familiar in the world of chronic disease and symptom management. So…. I wonder if you would be willing to put all of that aside & take a leap of faith with me?….
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


We all start off pretty much the same, at least on the outside, but if one could visit the genetics of you as a baby , the underpinnings of many chronic diseases would most likely be found at cellular levels. These are parts of your internal wallpaper or tendencies towards particular diseases, as well as addictions. Your future health outcomes, as well as your cognitive or mind development, depend on how your parents cared for you, as well as how you cared & continue to care for yourself in later years.

Of course, habits are born early. As a young child your learned from your experiences & what your senses tell you from the time you were an infant. Your parents & siblings were your early health & wellness teachers. If they weren’t practicing good lifestyle behaviors, you learned what not to do…… & like all babies, learned it very well!

While statistics are often seen as boring, they do help us to self-motivate. Chronic diseases account for 7 of every 10 U.S. deaths & for more than 60% of medical care expenditures. In addition, the prolonged illness & disability associated with many chronic diseases decrease quality of life for millions of Americans.


It’s a good idea to stay aware as you walk through life. Notice people & their level of health. See if you can spot those with chronic disease. A good mind exercise is to image your head on the body of someone with a chronic problem. Focus on the lifestyle behaviors that accompany the individual. If you are shopping, look in their carts. If you are in the mall, observe their ability to move, as well as the level of fatigue. The better your focus on the problems displayed by other individuals, the more you will uncover that can be beneficial to you in your own self-growth. This says to the subconscious mind, “this could be me.” These humbling moments of self-awareness can be extremely powerful in developing inner programs for change.


Perhaps you picked up my book or registered for this workshop because you know that you need to change your eating habits. This was a good first step. Perhaps you already know that good nutrition lowers the risk for many chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, diabetes & osteoporosis. For example, for at least 10 million Americans at risk for type II diabetes, proper nutrition & physical activity can sharply lower their chances of getting the disease.

Good nutrition that is designed to meet the specific needs of your body and exercise level also stops food cravings, bingeing, as well as cravings for other addictive substances.

Perhaps another reason you picked up my book is because you have noticed a resistance to change in some areas of your lifestyle behaviors. You are certainly not alone. Although Americans are slowly adopting healthier diets, a large gap remains between recommended dietary patterns and what Americans actually eat.

It is very interesting to observe people & their relationship to eating. Most people tend not to pay any or little attention to what they eat or drink. There is often a complete lack of discipline, as if food and beverage had nothing whatsoever to do with the internal functioning of the mind and body.

Truth be known, there is a huge connection between nutritional intake, chronic disease development, management & symptoms. Many individuals live in continuous food stress, causing their body and mind to function at very low levels. The chronic disease is often blamed, while the true culprit is the food stress.


I wish you could be a fly on the wall of my office & listen as I interview patients about their eating habits. It is rare to find a single soul who is not experiencing what I call food stress, or disorderly eating. One cannot help but feel sorry for the poor body parts sitting before me. These body systems & cell groups are locked up, unable to get what they need to survive.

Imagine someone carrying a hungry baby in their arms & refusing to feed it. When individuals refuse to feed their body correctly, it is very much the same. The person with the baby could be arrested for child abuse. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a law against self-abusing one’s body. Perhaps if there was such a law, people would begin to pay attention to what they are doing to themselves.

When the mind & body are under food stress, additional stress chemicals are produced as the body attempts to find balance. It is well known that chronic disease states are stress related. The medical literature suggests that 60-90% of disease states are related to stress in some way. This is actually good news. Translated correctly, this means that 60-90% is within one’s power to change.

There is much to be learned from observing chronic disease & the lifestyle behaviors of those with the problems. There is no lack of people to observe. Walk through the supermarket, the mall, the movie theater, the baseball park or just about anywhere else. Go into the school cafeteria or walk the halls, observing the junk machines. Count the fast food restaurants as you drive through your town. Try to locate a healthy place to eat. See how many non-food places sell junk food at their registers.

Observe how many people are eating outside of regular meal times. How many of these people are doing something else while they are eating. This is called mindless, or blind eating. Walk through your office or workplace and see how much junk you can locate. Watch for ongoing cans of soda or the bottomless coffee mug. Also look for those items that people try to pass off as healthy “alternatives”. Then ask yourself, why do we need to eat all day long?

Observation or assessment is key to designing change, because if one can’t see what needs to be changed, how can it be possible to do so? Sometimes these statements appear ridiculous, but once you begin paying attention to the problems that surround us, you might be stunned by what you uncover about yourself.

The reason for this is that most people live their lives on automatic pilot, not paying much attention to what they do “moment to moment.” They don’t see the big picture, nor the minute changes occurring in the mind & body triggered by unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

Little attention is paid to the reasons why heart disease, diabetes, circulatory disease, asthma, or the many others develop in some people, but not in others. Why do these diseases speed up during particular times of life and not in others? Little attention is paid to why the bowel is irritable, or why the body keeps breaking down in so many areas. Little attention is paid to why anxiety and/or panic disorder seem to be problematic in some, or why the anxiety comes in the afternoon & not the morning. If this sounds like detective work, you are right on the mark.


So, what is the difference between a chronic condition & a chronic disease. Is it possible to reverse these? Broad definition of chronic disease are illnesses that are prolonged, do not resolve spontaneously & are rarely cured completely. Chronic conditions such as irritable bowel or gastric reflux may not be labeled as a chronic disease, but again it is just a matter of words. What’s important is that many can be prevented and if one is already present, the outcomes can be improved by reducing the risk factors.

It is vitally important to accept the concept that everything is connected & this is very good news, the reason being that once a person takes full responsibility for the working of the total picture, the outcomes can change dramatically. That is not to say that all diseases will reverse completely, but once a person makes healthy lifestyle changes that include nutrition, stress & emotional management, as well as exercise, the body begins to heal & recovery is on the way. It may be that chronic pain is reduced, blood pressure normalizes, or digestion improves.

Just a word of caution here. Please discuss all lifestyle change programs with your physician before starting. You may be taking certain medications that will need monitoring as your blood sugars stabilize. If you are over-weight you will probably begin losing stored fat. If you are under-weight, your body will respond in healthy ways to your improved lifestyle changes. It is not uncommon for certain types of medications to need a dose adjustment. The physician may choose to actually eliminate certain medications as your body begins to respond to these changes.

This program will present information that may appear very simple on the surface. You might even view it as far too simple for managing any perceived large problems. Make no mistake. The answers to big problems are often very simple indeed. Most answers are subtle, and this is the actual reason for the lack of success. True long term success lies in doing the same simple, subtle things over & over, & then over & over again. Boring? I don’t think so. This is where the tools of persistence & continuity come into play. This book & workshop are about developing these powerful assets.

Suggested mp3 Audio Sessions

Managing Disorderly Eating

“As you learn to relax, to let go & ask for the appropriate resources from your inner bank vault or subconscious mind, you can change with a new level of comfort.  When you are tense, the subconscious mind cannot get your attention & so you cannot share the bounty you have available waiting for you.”.……Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

While there are many kinds of eating disorders & food addictions, many individuals are simply disorderly eaters who often have difficulty planning, or finding  time to shop or cook .They may eat many meals out or prepare them out of their freezer or take-out. Disorderly eaters usually have no set pattern to their eating, often participating in walk-by eating behaviors.  There is little attention to what is needed to change, perhaps also a lack of will or desire & so this individual can be on his/her way to serious disease states without even knowing it, or not even caring much about it.  Rather like putting one’s head in the sand.

Many simply don’t like managing food/eating issues & so come to pay the price for this disorder.  This program brings this potentially dangerous problem home to center stage in the subconscious mind, thereby motivating the disorderly individual into positive & relatively effortless action.

This audio includes deep relaxation, entry tools to the subconscious mind, imagery designed specifically for emotional & thought management, inner motivation & lifestyle change, as well as Interactive Self-hypnosis © practice.

Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it’s own induction.  All programs include directions for listening & other important information. 

   mp3 – Download NOW –  3 Sessions   $19.95         

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Sugar….the Hidden Eating Disorder
& How to Lick It  Now in EBOOK Format !


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Sugar….the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It is not just a book/workbook/CD & mp3 Series,  but a complete interactive self-development program.  Sugar addiction is not necessarily about weight loss, although many people with this addiction are over-weight & will lose weight when following this program.  The following link will take you to the table of contents, chapter snips, descriptions of CD’s/mp3’s, as well as an understanding of why you would want to manage sugar & related addictions. Here’s what you will gain…

* No Matter What Your Binge or Addiction….Stop It
* Become Your Own Therapeutic Self
* Recognize & Break Negative Habits that Control Your Life
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* Prevent & Correct Chronic Conditions & Disease
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* Find & Manage Your Trigger Foods, Habits & Behaviors
* Manage Emotions & Mood Swings with MindBody Tools
* Reach Your Goals with Powerful Self-Hypnosis
* Reclaim Yourself….. It’s Time!

Meeting the Imposter Self

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Automatic Journaling opens the mind in new ways. There’s always some surprise waiting. My “Journal Master” points to that ridiculously big folder of areas where I obstruct. Typical of me….knowing something is asking to be addressed, but I’d prefer not to go too deeply. Like knowing my refrigerator needs to be cleaned out, but it’s never the right time. Just another way that I obstruct my progress and growth.

When I first started doing this type of journaling, I rarely touched my most “unattractive areas”, but I’m older now and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Still, opening these areas of my life is never an easy choice, but knowing that benefits only come from getting down and dirty, I take a cleansing breath and bring pen to paper. I may be willing to go into an area, such as the obstruction folder, but where to begin? Willingness to take the introductory step is one thing, but where do I place my foot? Now, if a patient asked me this, I would have an answer on the tip of my tongue, but not for mySelf? Why is it so much easier to give advice to others?

My Journal Master is brimming with answers to my questions. Giving me many insights, all helpful. I’m reminded that Automatic Journaling brings answers and plans quickly. It’s a very powerful resource….Reminded that’s it’s easier to be the Teacher Self than the Student Self. The Teacher part brings confidence, focus and Knowledge. While the Student Self may have some Knowledge, it is often not fully developed. The connection to Spirit is lacking. This under-developed part also brings baggage, some of it very old, dank and dark. Reminded that all “carry-ons” must be put aside if one desires to accept Knowledge and then to actually change. These two go hand in hand. Once a rubber band is stretched, it never returns to it’s original form. This is a given.

While we all have unattractive or difficult areas, most of us choose not to see them. Common baggage for me includes hiding my truth. I call this my “imposter syndrome.” Simply put….pretending. How much of me is pretense and how much is truth? How much is Student, how much Teacher? If I’m playing my therapist, parent or colleague/friend role, this can set the stage for “pretending”. Some pretending scripts read that “everything is fine in my life. I’m free of problems. I’m better than you.” All hogwash. When I am in those roles, I can sense my “imposter Self” roaming around behind me with the sign…liar, liar. Thinking, if people really knew the “real me” what would they think? Just about to feel guilty about this when my “Journal Master” puts up the STOP SIGN.

Lighten up. Truly, life is one big “stage performance”. My character changes as the scenes evolve. Sometimes she must slip into Teacher or Parent or Adult Self. Even if this role is not perfect, she gets to utilize the power/Knowledge she has collected to this point. It’s rather like the student nurse versus the graduate nurse versus the registered nurse. All take care of the patient from the Teacher Level, but each one is different unto itself. This is also how we grow and mature. There is always a level of pretence. This is the way the mind works. Of course, balance and awareness are key. The student nurse knows she is not the registered nurse, but to the patient, she is a teacher.

I remember having this “imposter syndrome” after my children were just born. One moment I was a pregnant woman and then all of a sudden, I was a responsible parent. How strange this felt. I was both proud of my position but could feel my “liar liar” Self hanging out in the background. “Be careful you don’t kill him. You…a parent?? Don’t be ridiculous.”

This imposter Self hangs around me quite a bit. It seems that whatever “scene” I’m playing, it’s never far away. Cooking for company, being a wife, promoted to a new job, even shopping for groceries….yes, that damn shopping cart. Hoping I won’t run into any of my patients who will scan my cart, finding the two packages of Hershey dark chocolate. What does that say about me as a “therapist who specializes in eating issues?” You guessed it….liar liar! ( pants on fire ), retorts the nasty childSelf.

My “Journal Master” instructs me to go to my breath and release the garbage that has dripped onto the page of the journal. A good place to clean, clear and organize my mind.

Down, deeper down. Feels good. All of the above resembling a big burp.

As I sink into the chair, the imposter part of me wanders away, shrinking as she goes. With every breath, she becomes smaller and smaller. Realizing that I can utilize my breath to shrink her whenever she appears. In the past, I’ve been afraid of this part of me. She reminds me of Hester Prynn, the protagonist in Hawthorne’s “Scarlet Letter.” I’ve worked diligently throughout my life to keep her in the background, but she only became stronger and more insidious. But no longer, for I am in charge of who plays in my moment to moment drama, as well as the script design. I also design the set. Yes, I’m the writer, producer, and director.

I’m led to the area for managing Student Self to Adult or Teacher Self. It’s a big wall, filled with indicators and control dials. Each indicator is a line having its own balancing or measuring device, rather like the sound system on my computer. There is a separate unit for the many areas in my life. Some related to health, relationships, money, prosperity, work, and separate projects. In some areas, the indicator shows that I’m at a lower or student level. In others, I’m well into my teacher/adult level, and others, somewhere in the middle. As I turn a dial upwards, plans appear on my mind screen, showing me the way to become more adept in this particular area. Yes, this is a powerful growth area. It’s clean, clear and decisive. Once again, I’m in charge.

The accompanying images playing in my mind are real, now inviting me inside to explore, play and grow. I’m on my way…

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Automatic Writing & Inner Journaling  

“We have much power waiting to be utilized.  The key is to know how to access the power of the mind.  Heightened awareness & Interactive Self-Hypnosis are two powerful ways to achieve your goals.  As you learn to work with your “inner mentors” or advisors, creative answers & ideas come forth easily.”…….Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The individual or practitioner of self-hypnosis has many tools to access the subconscious mind.  Automatic writing is one of these. This  program takes the individual to the Interactive Self-Hypnosis Workshop © where an actual class is taught on automatic writing  by the Inner Coaches. 

All teaching is accomplished in actual hypnosis, thereby planting the suggestions for learning directly into the subconscious library.  In the future the practitioner of self-hypnosis finds the subconscious mind happy to open during the automatic writing sessions, taking inner exploration to new levels.   

Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it’s own induction.  All programs include directions for listening & other important information.  

mp3 – Download NOW – 3 Sessions – $19.95   


Waking the InnerChild for Change

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The sugar culprit begins its destructive work early in life. Even small infants are treated to sugary treats by doting parents who often have no idea that they are setting up a life long addiction in their precious offspring. In fact, most parents would deny that they do this at all. Many would insist that they only provide the very best nutrition for their children. In addition, young children are learning every day by food-example….Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Parents bring children to my office for a myraid of problems, but rarely because of eating issues. I meet up with nail biters, skin pickers, attention-deficit, temper tantrums & those that don’t want to go to sleep at night. After the parent has finished filling me in on the problem of the moment, I begin my exploration of the food-connection. Over & over again I hear that these kids eat healthy foods & balanced meals. Then the truth is uncovered as we discuss what truly goes into the mouth of the youngster over a twenty-four hour period. This is why knowledge, coupled with heightened awareness is so very important.


I’d like to share a patient history here with you. Sarah was only five when she came to my office. As she was fair skinned & blonde, I had to look closely to notice that she had no eyebrows or eyelashes. In fact, a good portion of the hair on her head was also missing. Her Mother had cleverly combed it so it wasn’t so noticeable. Sarah suffers from trichotillomania, or compulsive hair pulling. Although there have been no epidemiological studies to identify the actual number of people with this condition yet, it is estimated that in the United States alone, there are probably between 6 to 8 million sufferers of trichotillomania.

According to Dr. Doris Rapp, the author of Is This Your Child, children with tricotillomania respond well to dietary change including reduced sugar intake. Sarah’s mother maintained that her nutrition was healthy, but my assessment didn’t agree. Over 85% of Sarah’s intake was in the form of very high-glycemic or refined sugars. On a side-note, her mother confessed to eating sugar out of the sugar bowl !

The first order of business to help Sarah was to redesign her eating plan, as well as eliminate a good number of the sugar foods. While it’s a true challenge to clean up a child’s diet, it is possible. It helps to allow the child to participate in the planning & shopping. Self-hypnosis etches new mind programs, helping the child manage the left-over stress, once the food stress is in control.


Learning to listen to your body is one of our most important holistic tools. The cell managers communicate with you through body sensations. The process of body listening is known by many names including mental biofeedback. We choose to take messages through the practice of body scanning. This technique is taught in the top stress reduction clinics of the world & is a way of re-training the body to release stress chemicals. The body and mind often have much to say about the food connection.

You will be learning more about working with body sensations later on in this program. For now, let us focus on the food connection to body sensations. If you are not eating a balanced or sufficient diet, your body will produce stress hormones that will communicate with you through body sensations. These stress chemicals include insulin, adrenaline, nor-epinephrine and cortisol. Some corresponding body sensations could include headache, muscle spasms, weakness, lightheadedness, poor vision, nervousness, exhaustion, fatigue, mood swings, as well as a variety of tension related symptoms.

Most of us tend to eat on automatic pilot, without any concern for the resulting mind & body chemistry. As we travel through our day, we might have a tendency to pick up small snacks, cookies, candy, pretzels, coffee, soda or juice. Perhaps a coffee mug lives on your desk. Each time you eat or drink, your body must perform its chemical balancing act, making special effort to keep the body in balance. If you continue along in this way, day after day, the body often develops food stress, or the inability to manage, especially if the rest of the nutritional intake is poor or inadequate.


Take a moment to elicit your relaxation response. Tilt your eyes up slightly, placing one of your cells up on your mind screen. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Each & every time you eat something, the food rings the doorbell of the cell & the cell manager cannot say no to the delivery. If the delivery is healthy & timely, the manager is delighted, but if it is unhealthy & untimely, the manager is in trouble.

Feel how good it is to know that you do know this now and that you have powers beyond what you thought before you had this knowledge. We are motivated towards and away from. This imagery exercise is a good example of both. Be sure to place it in a place of honor on your road map.


Boosting the immune system is another important focus of living holistically. The immune system is the defense system of the mind & body against microorganisms. One of the most negative results of excessive levels of stress, or poor body management is its effect on the immune response. This is often seen is someone who has frequent colds & other infections. There is much research in progress regarding how stress affects the immune system, especially regarding autoimmune diseases including allergies and cancer.

There is also the psychological aspect of seeing oneself as a frequently ill person. This can be potentially damaging to the self-image & self-esteem, thereby directing outcomes not in keeping with high level functioning.

How you choose to eat directly affects your immune system. There is little discussion about this fact of life. The problem is that we tend to be asleep to the needs of the body in the now, but more so in the needs of the body in the future. What you eat today has an outcome down the road as well. Imagery and self-hypnosis will help you to wake up & place permanent wellness programs into your subconscious mind. The work you are doing here is not difficult, but it is awake-work & this is where the difficulty lies for most people.


Relax as before and bring forth one of your cells. This time I want you to go inside, observing the manager fighting an invader. This one happens to be a bacteria delivered at the water cooler. Notice the manager is looking for supplies in the way of deliveries of food & beverage. You know what you delivered today, so notice this & how the manager responds to what is available.

Notice the state of affairs in the cell based on the deliveries of the past week. Notice the response of the cell manager. Open the door & notice that healthy supplies have arrived. Observe the cell manager in action as the bacteria invasion is managed. Know how important your behaviors and habits are to outcomes. Take this moment to make a commitment to a better relationship with your body.


Food allergies & sensitivities are not uncommon especially in those with sugar addiction & eating disorders. Common ones include wheat, corn & dairy. If there is a history of alcohol problems in a family, even if that individual does not drink or is a child, it is not uncommon to have grain allergies. These often surface with accompanying personality or behavioral changes including compulsions, anxiety and depression.

You are working to be aware of how your mind & body react to what you eat & drink. As awareness develops connections may become clearer, an allergist may need to be consulted. Sometimes it is as simple as removing a particular food group, then reintroducing it later on. Otherwise the food group may need to be removed permanently to manage the symptoms. In the long run, even though this may not be poplar, the end results will far outweigh the enjoyment of the offending food or food group.


The subconscious mind remembers & will pull information together for you. If you have lots of body communications, ask your subconscious mind to remind you to observe particular foods in relation to these outcomes. Ask to be alerted with flags.

Sometimes we are so lost in automatic pilot that we simply forget about what happened the last time we had problems with a food. As you learn what you body has to say about something you eat or drink, you will be able to study it more carefully. It’s amazing how common food sensitivities are. Relax for a moment, seeing yourself requesting this service offered by your own subconscious mind.

You are learning to observe yourself in relation to food “as if” you were under your own microscope. You will get very good at self-observation & this will take you to safety, to higher health, as well as to optimum performance. Sometimes you will have to begin again, returning back to basics. This is not failure, but re-structuring. Whether you come back once, or a hundred times, this is where you come. It helps to know this. This way you won’t be left wandering through life not knowing what to do or where to go. After all, you are only human!

Suggested mp3

Working with Your Inner Child

“Few of us truly know how we look on the outside, nor on the inside.  We tend to live in negative fantasy, not giving ourselves credit for who we are & what we have accomplished.  It’s so important to move past this, for each one of us has so much to offer on the face of the earth.  Think about people you admire & know that you also have extraordinary qualities.  It’s time to take off those old coats & to accept yourself as the gifted & creative being you truly are.”…..
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

This program is designed to guide you on an inner journey of change where you will enhance your ability to locate & work with your child-Self.  You will be working with your inner coach on your personal development in this specific area.  You will be introduced to many new tools that will open new perspectives in how you can work “right in the moment” with this often fragile part of yourself.  You will go into the files of your mind where your self-image was formed.  There you will be able to see how this unfolded, who placed what messages in your file & how appropriate these messages are for you now.  You will work as the writer/producer/director & edit all files in relation to the formation of your self-image.

You will learn to be aware of inner messages you currently place during your day & how these color experiences, both past & present.  Your work on your inner-time line will allow you to take power stamps from the past memory bank & apply these to future goals, even those in the distant future.  You will be learning new tools that will assist you in utilizing these powerful images & affirmations for enhancing your self esteem.  

This program also includes stress management, thought & emotional management, as well as mental biofeedback training. 

Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it’s own induction.  All programs include directions for listening & other important information.

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Pulling the Plug

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One never knows when a plug is going to be pulled, or a lesson is going to appear.

Some plugs have more impact than others. But even small plug pulling can provide an opportunity for “roads less traveled.”

Yesterday we lost our cable connection. No TV, no internet, no phone. Thinking it would only be for a few minutes, I went on with my life, but after an hour my ansy-Self checked it. “How long is this going to be? What if it is off all night????” And yes, it was. The worst scenario. Having to make “small conversation” through the entire evening. I was stunned to feel my uneasiness and displeasure with having to do this. Of course, I could have read a book or spent some time writing, but I found mySelf more interested in my emotional reaction and the behaviors that accompanied them.

“How will we know when it has been restored?” My husband’s concern. So, I wasn’t alone in this world of not liking my patterns disturbed. “Let’s leave the television on, so when it comes back we’ll know immediately.” Oh…immediately. Certainly wouldn’t want to miss a minute of anything trivial.

I decided to do “nothing of the sort”. Instead, inviting my “journal master” to join us, I suggested that this would be a good time for us to converse at some deeper level, I mean something other than what was found on the last refrigerator hunt. Or, what should we do on the weekend, etc. “Deeper level??” Sensing the uneasiness, deciding to ignore the emotion, “just begin” said my “journal master.”

Rather like “speak-journaling.” Oh…will secrets slip out as I let go or jump off the cliff? “Would that be so terrible…to speak my truth?” Sensing mySelf removing my protective jacket, my words feeling permission to flow. Like opening the faucet. Shifting in the chair, releasing some tight areas, the words enjoying the freedom from the obstructions. Asking mySelf, “How often do I practice obstruction?” Practice obstruction. Now there is an interesting concept. But yes, I do this habitually. There are so many ways to do this. Some are direct, while others in-direct, such as living in my private patterns….that have now been removed by the cable company. The cable company as Therapist. Comcast CEO sitting at her desk. “Exactly what will happen if we turn off the service to homes all over the city? ” Her desk? Well, yes. This is more woman-speak. Apologies to my male counter-parts.

My counter-part is waiting in anticipation of what comes next. Now, my obstruction coat is invisible, but I’m sensing that he knows I have it off.

I hand him a copy of my Therapist’sCOUCH blog. I honestly don’t know why, but it seems like a good jumping off point for the evening’s proposed deeper conversation. ” Do you really post this on the internet?” Well, yes I do. “People actually read this?” Well, yes they do. “Why?” I honestly don’t know. Perhaps it helps them in some way.

Flowing now…

“I never realized you had so much stored anger that went back to your childhood.” Well, it’s not something I’d discuss at the end of a work-day or over dinner. Besides, it’s my inner work. Things I want to explore and put to rest on my own. Noticing that “inner work” is not a comfortable phrase. Too psycho-babble.

Realizing that as a therapist I have a tendency towards psycho-babbling, perhaps obstructing our relationship at some level. Something I can change. Never really thought about this before. Always so busy jumping from one activity to another. I tend to treat my life as an non-ending marathon that I’m obligated to run and run and run. That’s what is great about “therapy”, whether it be with a professional or self-administered. We stand still in quiet, non-judgmental observation. We witness our life as it has played out, or as it is playing out. We have the opportunity to spend time in areas that we often by-pass. In this instance my conversational tonality and choice of words. After all, I’m talking to my partner, not a colleague. I also wonder if this is a subconscious way of blocking or obstructing. My answer to this is….yes.

I ask my “journal mentor” to open other areas where I obstruct. Feeling like this is an opportunity to show me other aspects of my Self that will benefit this special journey.

My mentor agrees to oblige, taking out a ridiculously big folder! Oh…

Writing for the Food Addicted Listener

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Living in disorder or addiction is like existing in a room without air or light. It’s time to change things.”….Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Sometimes I forget that I’m a writer because I spend a good part of my day designing & delivering self-hypnosis metaphor & suggestion “in the moment” for my patients/clients. Then it’s off to recording CD’s & mp3’s. Over the years I must have written & recorded over 1,000 programs. So, whether it be mind-writing or typing onto the computer screen, it’s quite a bit of writing.

For me, mind-writing is the most challenging. I never work with scripts in my office, the reason being that I want to communicate with the patient or client hypnotically & so I had to come to trust the process. Rarely do I know how I will word things or even what metaphor may come to mind. It may be one that I’ve designed before, but most of the time it is highly original & very patient/client specific. It’s in moments like these, when I’m able to touch that depth of creativity, that the heart beats a bit faster. Sometimes I sense a shudder or feel like laughing as these inner images jump out, seemingly having a life of their own. It’s a time of true disassociation from mySelf. I’m out of my own way & now able to be free with the process.

Some people aren’t familiar with what goes on in a project such as this. Here are some things to consider. When working with the SpokenWord, the vocal delivery is as important as the image itself. The famous quote, “timing is everything”, also goes along with this genre of delivery. And then there are the facets of the tonality, including the emotional marinade. So, writing & delivering the SpokenWord is a bit complex, but when one is tuned into the subconscious, everything seems to take care of itself.


The writer of SpokenWords writes & delivers to a listener, so the writing needs to take this into consideration. If one were to look at my physical writing, it might appear quite different from that written for someone who is reading the work. In my case, I write for listeners who have specific issues or needs. In this blog entry I’ve chosen to address listeners with very specific addictions….those having to do with disorderly eating, sugar & food addiction.

Addictive listeners, no matter what their addiction, often have short attention spans. Focus & concentration levels are often lacking. Much of this has to do with body & mind physiology of addiction. That is why those harboring addiction do so well with the SpokenWord being presented in Self-Hypnosis . In the case of my work, I deliver it in a special format I’ve designed called “Interactive Self-Hypnosis. This is especially palatable for the food addicted individual, as they are drawn into the actual images & get to play in the playground of their own minds. What could be better? There is no judging or co-dependency. They are calm & relaxed, detached from their thoughts & emotions, with an invitation to a special event where they get to pick & choose & to participate inside the images or metaphors that they willingly accept.

Disorderly eating listeners respond to a full plate of carefully crafted images to meet their specific needs. These need to be delivered at just the right time…..not too early & not too late. Those with food or sugar addiction, or other disorderly eating patterns are usually restless & disorganized in their thought processes. Their emotions run high, forcing the stress chemicals to be produced at very high levels. This usually means lots of physical & mental tension & while that may sound like a negative, it is actually a positive for work presented in the Self-Hypnotic SpokenWord format.

The body & mind of the listener DO WANT to slow down & relax deeply. The body & mind are eager to enter a state called homeostasis or balance & all that is needed is to get the listener “out of his own way.” In the practice of medical hypnosis, it’s common for an emergency room patient to go into a positive, self-hypnotic trance quite easily, simply because the body & mind do want to go to that place of balance. Blood pressure normalizes; heart beat normalizes; blood flow slows. It’s quite remarkable to observe the power of the SpokenWord under these critical circumstances.

Once the listener is brought to deep relaxation, the creative work can begin. When writing & recording for the general public, the writing specialist needs to turn to generalizations about the subject matter. However, while sugar or food addicted individuals have many things in common, it’s important for the writer to remember that each listener is a separate individual, with different life experiences & different needs. There is also the consideration of the amount of audio time & just as in writing books, editing is an important part of the process.

When dealing with this particular group of listeners, over-worked subject matter, such as food choices, meal planning, portion sizes, meal timing, etc., tend to get glazed over in book format, but not so in Interactive Self-Hypnotic Imagery. The right side of the brain, the subconscious or child-mind, can be brought to this Interactive exercise with new excitement. Here everything is possible. One can fall in love with the process of getting all of this organized & in place. It’s fun again. Yes, it is possible to have a fresh start & to walk a healthy path…. the reason being that the listener is actually doing it & accompanied by positive & affirming emotions.

There are so many different images & metaphors for working through the food aspect of sugar & food addiction. All of them are “tasty.” But, this listener needs to travel to other areas & also has quite a bit of clean-up to do. While this might sound “distasteful”, it is not. In fact, it is more fun & games.


Managing emotions is key for everyone. Sugar & food addicted listeners have their fair share of negative emotional states, many of them very old indeed, perhaps going way back to early childhood. It could take decades to take care of these in regular therapy, but with the power of the Self-Hypnotic SpokenWord, the listener can begin to tackle them right in the moment. The key is bringing the individual into the “identification center” & coming to understand the concept that he/she is NOT his or her emotions.

This technique of disassociation is made so much easier “in the moment”. Through the power of SpokenImagery, the listener is now empowered to manage past failure, fear of failure, guilt, shame, powerlessness, anxiety, etc. & to bring forward, or actively entertain confidence, self-respect, self-forgiveness, self-love, creativity & a whole host of others, most of whom probably haven’t been around through most of the individual’s life.

Thoughts are now known as real “things”….that can be managed, thereby empowering the listener. Yes, it is a new day & life experiences will play on a different stage from now on.


Creative metaphor gives the listener the opportunity to clean the attic & the basement & then all the other rooms in the house. One only keeps what one wants or needs. Making this abundantly clear to the now “past-addicted listener”, invites in not only a new self-power, but a freedom to grow, create & achieve. Individuals in this category often have junk piled up that goes way back & for many reasons, these things have remained stock-piled. Presenting simple, but well-defined metaphors & bringing the listener into the action, can clear things up, often quicker & with less efforting.

This area of metaphor development is a joyful writing experience. My own mind feeds me one healthy image after the other. Road blocks move to the side & the way is clear.


In this particular program, the metaphors for the future are all related to specifics for high level health. The listener participates “as if” this were all happening right now. The choice of words & descriptions become very important because one wants the listener to self-design & motivate his or her own program. This is key for long-term lifestyle change & it’s most important to make it as complete & enticing as possible.


I believe in teaching the listener the basics of Interactive Self-Hypnosis “in the moment” & have included these techniques on this program, as well as in every program I write & record. This is the nursing me who knows that the patient or listener, must be made to be independent of the professional & so it is with this SpokenWord writing project. What does this mean? Well, it means knowing how to identify & release emotions & their thoughts in the moment & to re-program the mind for the positive images that are presented on the program OR those that their own subconscious mind has developed for them, for the creative mind now knows the direction & will want to participate as well.

The Self with Two Faces

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Approaching my journaling with a reminder of the importance of meditating regularly and asking the mind to go deeper than before. This deepening takes me well below all the emotional garbage that is strewn in my current reality. Much of it has been blocking my creativity and spiritual connections. Just the opposite of what I want. I’m eager to work with my emotional childSelves, but desire to do this at a spiritual level and not from my ego-Self. The first is powerful, creative and healing; the latter offers little of anything.

I’m surprised at my level of anger, as well as the anger that surrounds me. As I become more aware, it seems like a plague. I’ve decided to shut off the TV and to stop reading the newspaper for now. Then there are the others who are so contaminated with anger. It’s so clear to me now….their “operating systems.” My reaction in the past was to move into my defensive mode, fighting to the finish. This is a very unhealthy pattern, one I’m interested in deflating or breaking completely. Of course, I realize this is a lot to ask, but I’m asking anyway.

Before meditating…

I’m going to use a technique from my past that worked quite well for me. I call it the “garbage can.” Opening my journal, pen on paper, requesting the pen to locate anything and everything that is blocking my mind today. Just a quick mention is all that is needed. The power of awareness. Noticing and releasing, leaving the creative space open. Inviting the Self to enter deeper levels. Lots of junk today. As the pen puts it to paper, all seems rather ridiculous. I’ve always had a churning mind, even as a child. I feel like I’m vomiting some of this. Some of the same themes hit the paper.

First, it’s the “to do lists”…the never-ending “to do lists.” But there is more. Here come the things that want to be on the to-do list but haven’t been listed as yet. In a way, they drive me crazier than the actual list. Constant shuffling. Never a moment of peace. Needing and fighting to win agreements, things that are wrong with our house, being interrupted and tensing my body as I pretend that it doesn’t bother me, which it always does. That’s a laugh unto itself. That part of me is hyperactive, just waiting for that button to be pushed. Here comes some more. The need to exercise at a higher level, walk further, harder, push those weights, setting more goals than I could achieve in a lifetime. Here they come…the never-ending goals, some as dreams, others in parts like wounded soldiers, goals carrying lists, goals pounding on my mind, goals, goals, goals. Goals choking me. Never, ever finished and never will be.

I feel the anger rising in my throat…leave me alone. But, they won’t because I’m addicted to them, just like my eating disorder. I hate them, but I love them for they are what I am. How sick is this? My “journal master” says nothing. It’s as if I never spoke. Feeling like a crazy person needing some sort of restraint. Restraint? Of course. My eating disorder. That is a restraint. Yes, I know all about restraints… I’m requested to “shhhhhh” now…

Meditating and deepening…

“Garbage can” away… following my “master”, going deeply into the chair, utilizing the “deeper down dial” that works so well, especially when debris has been removed. The regular dial has five levels, but I an requested to go deeper today where I can enter levels of my spirituality and creativity that have been absent from my life for so long. A special gift, rewarding me for working in this very difficult area and not backing away. Thank you. It feels good to go deeper and the journey is rather speedy, like the express elevator in a tall building. Passing floors that have no purpose for today. Perhaps another day, but not today. I’m grateful, for I am really tired from shoveling garbage.


The elevator door opens and the “Light” greets me. I want to bask in it. I need to, but I’m moved along. The message is “that I don’t need anything.” I just think I do. I have everything inside of me, including my Highest Spiritual Nature. Sensing a spring breeze touching the top of my head. It’s been so long since I’ve felt a breeze. I’ve been out of touch, blocked by so much debris and anger, not even noticing. Asleep for it. Like being in a smoke-filled room, unconscious and smothered with the poisonous gas.

Waking up is both delightful and challenging. Asking to see the blockage means being willing to look with acceptance. Not a strong suit for me. I’ve been fighting for so long. No wonder I’m tired. My biggest opponent is me, mySelf and that part comes towards me. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. She is beautiful and ugly, like someone with two distinct faces. I tear as I write this. Something touching my soul. I feel so sorry for her, yet I admire and love her at the same time. Like a mixing bowl of emotions, all releasing themselves. Goodness…

The children come forward carrying their toys. Seeing them in a new light now. Understanding their meaning and importance to the protection and release for the child who had no other way. But, I am no longer that child and so the release must be re-designed. The part of me with two faces shows me some of the ways I’ve collected anger and how I handled or tried to release it. Try is the operative word because it was impossible to truly release my anger with inefficient or addictive tools. Instead, they destroyed me further. Now, the two faces me is showing me a living diorama that displays how I even enjoy the anger. Giving permission for entering addiction.

Additional parts of my life experience are becoming clear, like a fog lifting. Realizing much more is opening to me now. I’m grateful, for this is very fertile ground for creative planting.

Internal Landscapes!

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Therapist’s Couch Self-Hypnosis Webinars to begin later this month. Schedules will be posted on my websites, Facebook Pages & Twitter.

I’ve been away…not on vacation, but on my own journey of self-honesty. It’s not something I raised my hand for, but my body & mind decided to shut down business as usual until I took the time & personal space to address some of my own issues. Oh? A therapist with issues? Why not? Everyone else has them!

It’s been several years since my body decided to take a trip into the dark abyss of illness. In a way, I was excited because I knew that once I started to feel better physically, I still had to fully recover & it is in that time-space that an inner journey would take place. I know from past experiences that my mind knows where to go, but living life “as usual”, never affords me the time to arrive at that special destination…the place that holds the questions, as well as the answers.

Two whole weeks away from work, desk, computer, phone & even a meaningful conversation of any length. Days & nights consisting of sleep & more sleep. No need to worry for this is the preparation for the journey that would take place very soon. No special preparations necessary. The body would alert the mind when the time was right & I would simply find myself there.

It happened in the middle of a morning at the end of the second week or so I seem to recollect. I didn’t do anything special, just took some Tylenol, closed my eyes, waiting for the pain to go somewhere else. Instead, the pain opened, just like a door in the middle of my forehead. I recall a long hallway, dimly lit, but appearing friendly, as if it was expecting me. I sensed a lack of hesitation on my part, a wanting to go in & down the corridor…starting to feel better, a little stronger & clearer despite the pain waving me on. The pain no longer had meaning, other than to be some sort of director to the scene. I didn’t seem to mind it’s presence because it was the one thing that remained familiar to me, rather like a touchstone. As I moved further down the corridor, I no longer felt a need for its presence & so as if it could read my mind, it stepped to the side, becoming part of the wallpaper.

I was not asleep, but instead very much awake. I know this because I opened my eyes & looked around the room where I was resting. Everything seemed the same & so I simply chose to go back. There was no difficulty in getting back to that place. That in itself was interesting because before getting sick my level of concentration had been waning.

I found a chair & sensed an invitation to sit down. There was no one there or at least no one that I could see or even sense. The chair was comfortable & began pulling me further down into it, not enough to frighten me, but enough to let me know that I was to be there for a while.

The next thing I remember was the fog. I’ve lived in England, so I do know fog, but this was a different variety. Very colorful with blurred images that seemed to be lining themselves up & then leaving to the left. I started to become aware of what things were, despite never hearing any voice or instruction. It was simply a sense of inner knowing that was accompanied by a feeling of deep certainty. Things not only needed to leave, but they simply left on their own. No efforting, no decisions to be made, no thinking things through, just peaceful exiting. My body began to feel lighter as if I was floating upwards. Now, in my usual awake state, I would not have been accepting of any of this. My tendency is to hold on & never let go, but that part of me wasn’t present at this time.

Now I found mySelf standing in the back of my body. I placed my hands on my shoulders & could feel them, but I was definitely outside of myself. I walked to the right side of “me”, then to the left & then found I could float up & look down at myself. I was aware of where tension had been stationed inside my body. I also understood that my mind was not in my “head”, but instead in all parts of my body, experiencing the tension as blockages. I was then invited ( I don’t know by whom ) to reach down & remove a block. The blocks were rather small, but when I removed one, it grew in size. I chose another one & this one also grew, but not as big as the first one.

I was instructed to place the blocks on the table & somehow knew that I would be spending time with these. The answers I was seeking, even though I didn’t know the questions as yet, would be given to me by the blocks.

At this moment I came to the realization that I was hardly alone, but instead, there were many “beings” with me, each one an instructor of sorts. I didn’t see them, but their presence was obvious to me. I also understood that they had been assigned to me, to walk me through my healing & then into a clearing, where my purpose or work would be synthesized by them. I would also become acutely aware of the emotions that would be part of my life from now on forward.

This was not to be a one-time meeting but would happen frequently to be enhanced in meditation. My body would be welcomed, but I am not my body. It is simply a conduit for moving around the Universe. My focus in this regard would be changing & there was really nothing I had to do.

I found myself opening my eyes, fully returned to the room & my bed. There was nothing else. No fanfare, no lights, no angels, no eureka or ah-ha…just a knowing that change had happened & perhaps for the first time, without any struggle.

Before I became ill I had been working on many different projects, always feeling like I was chasing myself. It’s become clear to me what parts of these have left & what has replaced them. These are not plans that I worked out in my usual way, but instead, an inner knowing of what I am to do.

I invite you to join me in making contact with your own Universal Connections.