March 1, 2019

I welcome you to my first “up to date” blog post on my new website. If you’ve followed me on my blog on PublishersMarketPlace, you know that I’m going through a rather long grieving process. My husband passed away on October 27th of this year. Those of you who are facebook friends of mine know that I also lost my son Michael in 2011 after we moved to Rhode Island from Florida.  So, the past years have been a journey into uncharted territory for me.

My goal for my husband was to keep him at home despite his failing health.  Despite being an RN, it was very challenging. He was a fall risk, and keeping him from falling was always my daily assignment. During the past three years, he had many falls requiring many visits to the ER.  Finally, they came to the diagnosis that he had arrhythmia and needed a pacemaker. He also had an issue with his pulmonary artery that had narrowed.  There is another surgery for this, but it was our mutual decision not to have that because of the complications it might cause.  While this was a difficult decision, knowing it would eventually lead to his death, we didn’t want to open the door to more issues.

So, now I’m ready to get this special website off the ground and I look forward to meeting those of you who have an interest in this “incredible subject.”