Future Pacing

“My future belongs to me. I am the writer, director & producer of my own life.”… Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Oh, to be able to visit the future right now, in this very moment. What will I find there? What will it feel like? Better still, what paths took me there and what if I could change direction?

I just had a future conversation with one of my discussion groups about sugar issues and how much is too much. Unfortunately, sometimes we ask the wrong question or formulate a question that doesn’t get us the information we truly need or maybe even want. This is where future-pacing helps out, allowing us to visualize future-outcomes inside the body and what nutrition really means to the cells at work. Yes, the truth is often hard to take and the decision to truly change paths and future outcomes, is one of serious self-responsibility, whether it be for you or others. Understanding that we are currently manufacturing the future is a concept that I work to bring to those who are open to the discussion.

We all make choices and not making a choice is still making a choice. We tend to mimic sailboats….blown this way and that, our directions decided by something that we perceive to be out of our control. In this metaphor, the wind representing life. Unfortunately, this is a very stressful way to travel. In addition, it is next to impossible to reach our deepest desires if we continue to choose this way of living. Again, this is a choice.  A good life sailor can control much of the journey.

In a previous blog entry, I discussed the power of regression. The entry before that focused on tweaking different areas of our life, thereby requesting our subconscious minds to give us suggestions and connected plans for making things better. I’ve been trying to write the blogs in some sort of order, so those of you who might be interested in working with these creative tools could follow along. If anyone is having difficulty, I’m very available online. You can email me here or visit one of my websites where more than likely you can jump right on my desk through the human-click button.

Regression and future-pacing are very valuable timeline tools that are quite easy to commandeer. While it is certainly possible to simply jump on the timeline and go forward, I prefer to do some pre-time-line work beforehand. I will, however, do this pre-work in light hypnosis. In other words, I’ll plan some quiet time, then relax deeply…..slowing my brain waves down below the alpha level. I’ve written about this before. It is  simple to do.

For those of you who need a quick review, here it is:

Find a chair that is comfortable. Settle down into it. Sense the chair holding you up. Now allow your body to sink into it, just as if magnets were pulling you down. You might like to take a few yawn breaths and sense your breath sitting in your lower abdomen, just as if it contained a merry-go-round horse. Pay quiet attention as it goes gently up and down.

Have a journal available or even a piece of paper will do. I rather like journals because they seem to attract the subconscious mind. Make a little map that represents your future. Purposefully think about yourself in that area….. begin with the near future, perhaps tomorrow, then move on to next week…..followed by a month down the road. See/sense a calendar turning gently, noticing that small images of your successes stamped on each date. You don’t have to see them in any detail………just notice their existence.

Some thoughts will be coming into your mind right about now. You might want to write them down or even ask them some questions. It’s important to notice your future as a real thing….not just some nebulous time down the road. That’s why I suggest you draw out some sort of image to represent it. This will give you a mind-focus for respecting it, etc. Never again will you treat it in any negative fashion or disregard it as if it didn’t truly exist. It does exist and will come to pass……. you will guide it gently towards what you want to happen.

We get what we think about all day long. Think in negative terms and guess what you will receive? Of course, you may think this is obvious so why should you spend time reading or thinking about this. Don’t be fooled. You may know it, but there isn’t one of us who doesn’t fall into this mind-trap, myself included. But, the more you future-pace, the less you will find yourself programming your mind for negative experiences.

Once you have journaled and explored some thoughts about your future, start detailing the things you would like to experience. Yes, this does take time. However, your time is much better spent programming what you want, then letting the winds blow you without your direction. That is poor time management, besides making it more difficult to get back in the direction you want to go. For many people, the trip back is perceived as being too much work, so guess what? They stay wherever they end up, thanks to the wind.

Future-pacing is all about planning the details of what you want as if you already had it. Certainly, you can add dates, etc. Make it as specific as you like, but truly image while emotionalizing it. Treat your future-paced images with a host of affirmations. I like to detail my images in writing, then visit them in the theater of my mind, especially before I go to sleep at night. I want my subconscious mind to play with these images during my dream states. This is a powerful time for accessing your deepest levels of problem solving and creativity.

“My future falls off the end of my pen. I communicate easily with my future-selves. They help me to comprehend what is possible and then to plant it.” …Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht